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Full-Service Junk Removal

Full-service Junk Removal incorporates junk of all size and nature to be removed from the place you want. Be it the clutter at your home, unwanted items from the office, holistic home-cleaning, or debris removing while meeting your expectation to the fullest. You name it, we haul it under the junk removing head. Our comprehensive efforts will relieve you from the burden none wants to carry but somehow suffer. Uplift the depressing responsibility from your shoulders now!

How Our Junk Removal Service Works


Get in touch with us through the contacting details provided or the contact form available on the site. The discussion leads to scheduling the time and date for our meeting

Show Us
the Junk

The Junk Ninja Team visits you on the appointed slot to observe the junk and recommend deliverables. We finalize things out for how and when to get the work done.


It’s time to cart off the junk following the discussed guidelines—our people are in action with all the required equipment and machinery. The jun is no longer your headache.


Professionalism – The Junk Jinja stays on top of the ladder when it comes to the yardstick of professionalism. Our process is pre-designed and predetermined to entertain your need. The team produces checklists for your projects to constantly verify if all the demands and expectations are fully fulfilled.

Reliability – You are rightful to ask for reliability before availing our services. After all, none wants to waste money for no gain. The testimonials on the site and our systematic procedure speak volumes for about reliable services. Our efforts worth your trust and try.

Experience – Nothing values more than the prior experience in the field. We respect and consider the factor as the prime requirement for our team members. It is always ideal to have dynamically experienced, mature ones and some fresh but innovative professionals in a group to deliver the best.

Locally Owned and Operated – The Junk Ninja takes pride in being locally owned and operated. This feature, however is not widely addressed with respect. But we believe the factor backs in knowing the minutest details of the area and job and easily accessible for timely serving, respectively. They matter a lot when the aim is to be the best. We are all geared up to make the environment cleaner and greener than ever.

What We Charge

The Junk Ninja serves the ultimate value for money. For fair pricing we have highlighted certain yardsticks to evaluate your needs on. Our quotes depend upon the volume and weight of the junk and for that matter, the accessibility factor also is taken into consideration. 
Please call us and share the pictures of the site for an Approximate quote. However, the exact charges will be finalized on-site. Do contact us for the free on-site quote right now!


Equivalent to 1.5 full pick up trucks or about 3.75 yards of junk.


Equivalent to 1.5 full pick up trucks or about 3.75 yards of junk.


Equivalent to 1.5 full pick up trucks or about 3.75 yards of junk.


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